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September 26, 2014

Many thanks to those club officials and staff that attended the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club meeting for the open forum last night.

After the formal proceedings of the AGM the members were able to ask questions for well over an hour of Darrell Clarke, Barry Bradshaw, Toni Watola and Ed Ware. All four of the invited guests were willing to answer questions from the interested audience. The questions were on a range of issues and members were given the opportunity to ask follow up questions.

Much of the time it was good-humoured, with banter from all parties evident. There were some very useful suggestions from the audience and some of the topics that were discussed at previous forums were clarified and reconsidered.

Lincoln City v Bristol Rovers 130914

(Darrell Clarke was the subject of many of the light-hearted questions in the forum. He answered questions about team formations, the loaning of first year pros, the reaction after Altrincham, and the concept of the whole-club footballing philosophy among other issues.)


(Barry Bradshaw was questioned about various topics. In his responses he referred to merchandising, the retail panel, quid-a-kid, and the unusual sales stalls at early games among other matters.)  



(Edward Ware was challenged about an issue that had been frequently mentioned on social media. His personal position was clearly explained. He was also asked some fairly direct questions about current progress of the UWE Bristol Stadium.)

Northampton Town v Bristol Rovers 010314

(Toni Watola was asked a series of questions and he gave some up-to-date details of the current budgetary position. The quid-a-kid topic was a topic that was explored purposefully, the use of the stadium on non-match days was a key topic and the willingness and ability of the board to support the manager in improving the squad over the season was looked at in some depth.)

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