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October 3, 2014


Support Our Sponsors

When you look though the matchday programme, why not check out the companies that sponsor the club?

They help us, so in turn why not try and make purchases from them.

Alternatively, if the place that you buy your pre and post drinks or food from doesn’t sponsor us, why not ask why?

They could be getting tens of thousands of pounds each year from Rovers supporters without actually spending a penny to help our club.

One place you can go to help the club is the stadium itself.

If you feel hungry before or after games at the Mem, why not check out the revamped Irene’s Kitchen in the clubhouse.

Don’t forget the profits from the stadium food outlets and bars go to help the football club.

Who knows? The profits from your drinks or food bought down Gloucester Road may be financially helping support T***h!


Foreign Coins

We have had a fantastic response to our request over the last year for unwanted holiday money.

Individually these coins are not worth much, but in larger quantities, they can be valuable.

So when you come back from your holiday, if you have not made the charity donation at the airports and have a few spare bit of overseas currency using up space in your drawers at home, why not to pass them over to us.

We now have a large clear pot to put your foreign coins in based on the counter located in the matchday portacabin.

foreign coins 3

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