AGM Minutes

October 7, 2014

Minutes of the 66th Annual General Meeting of Bristol Rovers Supporters Club held at The Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Bristol on Thursday 25th September 2014



Apologies: Nick Higgs (NH) Chris Jelf (CJ) Helen Wigmore (HW) and Jacky Chapple (JC)

Before the meeting commenced the Chairman wished to record our sincere condolences to Adam Tutton, Rovers Education Manager, whose wife Sally passed away earlier this week at the tragically young age of 37, also to Ken Masters whose mother Vera died earlier this year and to all members who have lost loved ones during the last twelve months.

  1. Election of two Tellers

Sheila Gulwell and Pat Newport were appointed as Tellers for the counting of votes for the election of BRSC Director

  1. Minutes of last AGM

There being no matters arising from the minutes it was proposed by Brian Williams and seconded by Rod Chapman that the minutes of the 65th AGM be accepted as a true record of that meeting. These were accepted unanimously by the meeting.

  1. Chairman’s Report

There were no matters arising from the report.

It was then proposed by Peter Cross and seconded by Brian Williams that the Chairman’s Report be accepted. This was accepted unanimously by the meeting.

  1. Financial Report and Accounts

There were no matters arising from these.

It was proposed by Brian Williams and seconded by Colin Clark that that accounts be accepted. This was accepted unanimously be the meeting.

  1. BRSC Directors Report

There being no matters arising.

It was proposed by Brian Williams and seconded by Jeff Farmer that the Directors Report be accepted.

  1. Election of Members to the Committee

No external nominations having been received the following committee members offered themselves for re-election, Sue Williams, David Thomas and Jackie Chapple. All were prepared to continue their positions as outlined in appendix 1.

Brian Seymour-Smith (BSS) and Rod Chapman (RC) are both standing for the one position of Supporters Director to BRFC

  1. Amendment to Club Rules

There were none proposed by the committee

  1. To consider Membership Fee

The committee wished to raise the membership fee by £1.00 per season for the years 2015/16 and 2016/17.

This was agreed by the meeting, after a short discussion.

  1. Any Other Business

(a)   Sheila Gullwell asked why we do not have a reduced membership for under 16’s.   It was explained that it was our hope that all under 16’s would join the Young Pirates who were more geared up to that age group.   They were still able to travel on our coaches using their Young Pirates Membership Card.

(b)  Bernie Green asked if we had thought about improving our matchday shop at the ground since Pirate Leisure was inside the ground and not accessible to all people. The chairman explained that we had looked into this as our current portacabin is not in a good state of repair but the cost element was a problem. We were waiting to see what is going to happen with regard to the new stadium before spending large amounts of money. Mr Draper stated that if people wanted items which were not available in our shop he would take them down to Pirate Leisure to purchase goods.   It was stated that we should put a sign up in the shop to this effect so that customers knew this service was available.

  1. Result of Election for BRSC Director

Votes for BSS – 314

Votes for RC – 120

Spoilt Votes – 2

The chairman confirmed therefore that BSS had been re-elected BRSC Director for a further three years.

The Chairman asked RC if he would like to say a few words. RC congratulated BSS on being re-elected.   He stated that he wanted to stand as director due to the circumstances in which we found ourselves at the end of the season and thanked everyone who had voted for him.

BSS responded that it was right that there had been an election and he thanked everyone that had voted for him and for all the support he had received and that we were an open club all after the same thing.

The Supporters Club Business for the meeting having been completed Messrs Bradshaw, Ware, Clarke and Watola of the football club answered various questions put to them.

The Chairman then closed the meeting at 9.15 p.m. and thanked the panel for answering questions and thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Signed …………………..

Dated ……………………




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