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November 11, 2014

Brian’s Blog

Gosh it’s been nearly a month since we last played at home. As I live just ten minutes away from the Harriers ground, today feels a lot like a local derby to me. No wonder Kidderminster are therefore a club I know very well. I have every respect for the way they manage on fairly small budgets with the help of a very loyal and committed fan base. For these reasons, I know today will be a tough but I have no doubt we will come out on top by the end of the game!


You may be aware that there has been plenty of activity going on, either on the forums, or in particular to me on twitter. Several issues have offered much discussion, including the suggestion of the arrival of players such as Lee Hughes, or rather less controversial subjects such as Open Forums.



I wish to assure you that matters such as these which you bring to my attention, are reported back to the chairman, manager or board, depending on what the issue is.


So talking about Open Forums, the Chairman has agreed that one of these will take place in either December, or January, once the issues over planning are resolved.

You may also be aware Jon the Stripe popped in to meet the Supporters Club Executive over his and the Fans Forum idea of a Gas Board. This is something I wholly endorse.


A detailed and extremely worthwhile discussion took place between us in which some very exciting and constructive ideas were put forward. These ideas included panels of representatives from supporters, the supporters club and other areas of the club which would meet quarterly and put forward your suggestions to either Ken or myself which in turn, would then be passed on to the board or via the Open Forum. Jon is preparing a paper and I will raise this suggestion at the next board meeting for further discussion.

I am always around on match days so please feel free to stop me and chat. I can also be contacted on [email protected] or twitter @BriSeymourSmith and I will always come back as soon as I can.

Once again my sincere thanks for your continued support. Enjoy that match and UTG!

Best wishes

AFC Telford v Bristol Rovers 011114


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