November 12, 2014

Bristol City Council Development Control Committee B members have today granted 14/04174/x.

The voting was 7 in favour and 2 against. There were no abstentions. 


This is a variation in the delivery hours for the Sainsbury’s supermarket at the Memorial Stadium site.

Bristol Rovers Finance Director Toni Watola said “We are very relieved and very satisfied that the officers recommendation was approved by the committee which is another hurdle that we have now got over.”

Meeting with Filton residents was first chance to discuss Bristol Rovers stadium proposals The  Meeting was at Ebenezer Church on Filton Avenue  Toni Watola financial director (right) Date: 14/07/2011     Photographer: Jon Kent/Staff Reporter: Dom Harris Copyright: Northcliffe Media Ltd

“There are a number of hurdles that we have to get over, this is probably the biggest of those but we still have a few I’s to dot and T’s to cross. ”

He added, “However, none of them should be a problem in terms of us completing the contract.”


“We look forward to progressing with all of our partners and as a club hope that we can get ourselves in a position to be on site next March”.


Earlier today  it was reported that Sainsbury’s are  set to withdraw funding from new stores, but Toni Watola insisted that the club has a contract in place.


“We’ve read the press the same as everyone else and there clearly are some issues but we must remember that Sainsbury’s have a contract with us.”


“If we meet the terms of the contract then we expect to complete.”

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