Great Spirit

December 4, 2014

Ken’s Comment


I was bound to say much earlier in the season, how I thought the spirit and desire was plain to see with the current group of players at Bristol Rovers. After Tuesday evenings battling clean sheet performance at The Racecourse it is pleasing to see that the grit and determination has been maintained and even grown.


Not many would have thought after just three games and two defeats that with 24 games gone the defeats column would read only 4; the joint best record in the league at this stage and better than leaders Barnet.

I spent at bit of time at the training ground last Friday, collecting and returning footballs to the players training activities. I left in no doubt that the great spirit being shown in the camp will carry us forward.

Martin Allen

It is a credit to our supporters that they have stuck with us home and away and that they are a driving force behind the team. Barnet manager Martin Allen has publicly  recognised it; can’t say I agree with him on everything but on this occasion he is spot on.

Onwards and Upwards





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