Quiz Tonight

December 16, 2014




“I wanted to share some good news with you all.

Yesterday afternoon I had a call from the Bristol SDR team, Both surgeons have agreed to operate on Oskar on a private basis in the UK. This means we can now adjust our target to £50,000.

What this will do is to cover the costs of the pre-op assessments, the surgery and the long but intensive rehabilitation post surgery. It will also cover items of equipment that Oskar will require to help with his rehabilitation that will not be provided by the NHS and the post-op check ups.

This means we are almost at the half way point for our fundraising for Oskar’s SDR surgery. Many of you see the happy boy in the pictures I post but what most of you don’t see is the Oskar that is in pain and discomfort or when during the night he is screaming in pain and despite giving pain relief and giving him a stretch or massaging his legs he remains in pain and the only thing left to do is to cuddle him and hope it eases soon. Sometimes I sit all night holding his legs in a comfortable position just so he can get some sleep. Not only is this operation Oskar’s only chance of being able to walk it will also remove a large portion of his pain on a permanent basis.

So many people have helped out already and I am truly thankful because we wouldn’t have gotten so far along without them. I am also very thankful to all those who have donated so far.

The Just Giving Page will be updated with the new target figure very soon but for now please share and donate even if its just a quid.”



1. TIME OF THE QUIZ. Arrive for 7.30 with a prompt 8.00pm start. 

2. LOCATION OF THE QUIZ. The Dribuild Suite of The Memorial Stadium.

3. COST OF THE QUIZ.  £6 per team as a minimum.  (Voluntary donations of higher amounts welcome.)

4. DATE OF THE QUIZ. Tuesday 16th December 2014. (With a reserve date of Wednesday 17th December.)

5. SIZE OF TEAMS. A Maximum of 6 members per team.

6. NATURE OF THE QUIZ. There will be a total of 8 rounds. (Including rounds on Sport, Christmas Hits and Food.)

7. PRIZES. There are many worthwhile Prizes.

8. RAFFLES. Prizes & Raffle include:- 1. A Dribuild Suite hospitality package for 4 people & 2. Some East Stand tickets. 

9. REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE. The Dribuild Suite bar will be open on the night

10.PROCEDURE FOR ENTERING TEAMS. Enter tonight by forming a team or joining a team.




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