Join Gold Bond

December 23, 2014


For more details you can – Tel: 01179 611 772 or go to :  I WANT TO JOIN GOLD BOND

The GOLD BOND Weekly Draw gives away a guaranteed 315 prizes every Friday worth £5600.

Each week somebody walks away with the £2000 top prize. All our winners get paid out automatically.

The prizes are GUARANTEED to be won by participating football clubs of which Bristol Rovers are one.

Membership of GOLD BOND costs just £1 per week and for this you will receive 7 lucky numbers in our draw.

We will produce a membership card detailing your numbers.

If you would like to see the winning weekly numbers just go to the BRSC website.

GOLD BOND Members are given Priority Group Two Status when buying tickets by the BRSC Shop Staff.

Every May there is an annual draw with a £10,000 jackpot prize.



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