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February 4, 2015

Bristol Rovers v Lincoln City

Lincoln City v Bristol Rovers 130914

A very good afternoon and a very warm welcome to the directors, staff, players and supporters of Lincoln City.

If our meeting earlier in the season is anything to go by, then the match today promises to be a real thriller.

Firstly, I wanted to send my sincere thanks to you all for your continued support, particularly those supporters who travelled to both Woking and Dartford. I regret I was unable to attend the Woking game because of illness and was obviously upset when messages came through that a large number of supporters were unable to get into the ground and locked outside. 

Following a call from me, I would like to thank Ken Masters and Nick Higgs for doing what they could, to try to get those fans locked out on to see the game. The end result was disappointing as was the match result, but nevertheless I know every effort was made to try to persuade officials to let supporters without success. The club will continue to work extremely closely with those clubs we visit to try to ensure that everything is done to avoid this happening again.

 Woking v Bristol Rovers 170115

Secondly, Ken and I have been raising other issues which you have been kind enough to bring to our attention. One for example relates to an issue regarding concessions for our older supporters and access into the ground. I believe we will have some encouraging news on these issues shortly. 

I was also contacted about some old faces returning at the end of this season. I am delighted Ian Holtby has all these matters in hand and again I am sure the club will let you know all the details once they have them.

Enjoy the match and fingers crossed for a home win and three more points in our bid for automatic promotion.


Best Wishes





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