199 Update

February 11, 2015


For some time now the Executive Committee of the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club have been considering the possibility of selling your supporters club shop at 199 Two Mile Hill Road. The vast majority of the funds raised by such a sale will form a major part of the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club contribution to new and improved facilities for supporters club members at the new stadium. Funds raised from the sale of the supporters club shop will be ‘ring-fenced’ and will only be available once building work on the new stadium has commenced. Any expenditure of these dedicated funds is also subject to a satisfactory agreement being reached between Bristol Rovers FC and the BRSC Executive Committee over the terms and conditions of the new supporters club facilities.

Selling the shop is our long term intention and we are currently in detailed negotiations and discussions with prospective buyers. There are still a number of key issues to be clarified before we are able to confirm any such sale or the precise way any sale will impact on you as a member.


We have considered a range of options in the last year and have been in discussions with a number of prospective purchasers. We have looked at buying other premises very close to Two Mile Hill Road and we have investigated the prospect of buying premises at other locations some distance away. We have also looked at the advantages and disadvantages of renting premises near the current shop, in the immediate vicinity and also elsewhere.

Throughout this process we have been actively trying to find a purchaser who was willing to allow us to maintain a shop presence on the ground floor after a sale. This option remains our preferred choice but the terms and conditions of any such deal need to be acceptable and reasonable. Planning permission to convert the top floors of 199 Two Mile Hill Road into flats was obtained some time ago.

There will be a short time period when conversion work of the ground floor will take place and it is anticipated that there may be a period of time when the shop will be closed. We are intending to keep this temporary closure slot to the minimum possible. A major part of our discussions with prospective purchasers has involved attempting to reach an agreement on the finer details of this transitional spell.

We are also involved in looking at selecting a specific time slot when the major work that impacts on members will occur. This is not straightforward when the outcome of any season is unpredictable. The possibility of reaching the play-offs this season is one of those factors we do have to consider.

For the moment we are happy to inform you, as a member, that this detailed process is ongoing. We are trying very hard to negotiate a package that represents a sustainable long term deal that is of benefit to the supporters club and of the membership as a whole.

We anticipate making an announcement on developments in this area in the near future.  We will do our very best to minimise the disruption to members and will use the website to keep members informed of changes to our service and provision.



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