Website Up To Scratch?

February 15, 2015


Do you have the time and energy to help us improve the website?

In August 2014, some 6 months ago, we introduced this new website. It had been in the planning stage since February 2014, and we hoped that you would find it easy to use and helpful.

Most of the features from the old website were retained and a few additional facilities and links have been added. Our intention was to develop a website that worked equally well in both mobile and desktop versions.

Early feedback about the revised website was generally positive.  Following comments from members, one or two minor changes were made initially and a few other small alterations have been made over the last six months.

Feedback about the site and the way it operates is the only way we have of getting it right for you. WEBSITE

If you do not like any particular features or aspects we will be keen to hear from you. We are also eager to hear from you if any features do not work properly. Later in the year we may add some extra features.

Your feedback on these matters will help us in our decision-making process.

If you have any concerns, complaints or compliments please let us know by clicking HERE.

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