Big Day Out Vouchers

February 25, 2015



Vanarama BIG Day Out. Wembley Play-Off Final.

You may decide you want to attend and you may want to get your voucher, guaranteeing you a prime seat.

The Vanarama Conference is marketing the ‘Vanarama Conference Premier Promotion Final’.

It will be staged at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 17th May at 2pm.

The primary move this season is to make the day more memorable by creating a party atmosphere for all fans. All at an affordable family price. £10 for Adults and £5 for children is the cost for your guaranteed seat.

A voucher guarantees you a ticket with nothing else to pay. Every club in the Football Conference has available a special voucher offering substantial reductions on ticket prices for the Conference Premier Promotion Final.

These discounted vouchers are limited in numbers and the ‘Early Bird Offer’ is only available until the end of February. There is nothing more to pay for your Wembley final ticket.


You can obviously choose to wait until the end of season and pay more.

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