Name The Players

March 8, 2015

Did you read the Supporters Club News pages in the Eastleigh programme compiled by Ken Masters?

If you did you may have attempted the brief Name The ROVERS Player Quiz on Page 13.


Name the Player – Test your Bristol Rovers knowledge

Q.1. England goal scorer, sounds like a Welsh goalkeeper of the same period.

Q.2. You can call him on Radio Bristol.

Q.3. Battling to keep West Brom in the Premier League.

Q.4. Became a first class cricket umpire.

Q.5. Two Wembley goals to his credit.

Q.6. Recent under 18’s captain now an ever present.

Keen to know if you know what you thought you knew? Read on then.

Answers to the Name the ROVERS Player Quiz in the Eastleigh programme. 



This must be the most recognisable player in the history of Bristol Rovers FC. Even among the spring chickens.



The moustache is probably the best clue but the open mouth may also be a helpful indication of the identity of this person.



Dead Simple. I have never been relegated. It is him. Honest.



Busby babes and all that. Here I am scoring one of the 4 goals on that historic occasion on 7th January 1956. Like yesterday.


League 2 Playoff Final: Bristol Rovers v Shrewsbury Town

Why does everyone seem to remember that third goal when my contribution to this victory was so significant?



What does Utility mean? Does it mean that I will eventually become a much better all-round footballer? Probably.

They are:-

Answers will be added later today.

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