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March 9, 2015

Recent quotes from FC Halifax Town manager Neil Aspin.

Neil Aspin in action for Port Vale in 1990. There will be some supporters who recognise the ground, the opponents and the name of some of those in yellow and green stripes.

“I’m not going to criticise the players too much because I’ve walked on the pitch at the end of the game and you’re asking players to try and pass and be creative on that and it’s very, very difficult.”

“It’s difficult at home because expectations are higher and the crowd get on the players’ back, which can only make you worse.

“Players have got to be strong and have got to try and keep holding their heads up, try and play through when they’re having a difficult spell.


The impact of sharing the Shay pitch with the local rugby league side is detectable in this ground level image.

“The only way they can get the supporters on their side is by doing something good or something that lifts them.

“It is difficult at the moment, I accept that.

“But at any club you have to take the good with the bad and try and get behind the team when it’s difficult, and this is a difficult time.”

( Saturday 28th February 2015. Kidderminster Harriers 0. v. 0. FC Halifax Town

 Tuesday 3rd March 2015. Southport 1. v. 0. FC Halifax Town

 Saturday 7th March 2015. FC Halifax Town 0. v. 0. Dartford )

“So it was difficult, very frustrating.

“I accept if you’re a supporter you want to see good football, chances, excitement.

“You get various amounts of criticism from the sidelines but I did hear one person say ‘how do you play on that pitch’ and it comes down to that.


Would the grounds people at the Shay Stadium be altogether happy about this group?

“You just need to walk on it to find out how difficult it is.”

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