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March 12, 2015

Inside An Academy: Bristol Rovers


Despite their relegation to the Conference at the end of last season, Bristol Rovers have maintained a Category 3 academy in order to ensure that they can offer their youths the best possible coaching.

Indeed, theirs is an impressive set up and, in order to determine more what that involves, Jonathan Henderson – the Academy’s Head of Coaching as well as Academy Manager – describes their work.

Blueprint for Football: How many coaches are there in the academy and how do you recruit them?


Jonathan Henderson: We currently have 4 full time coaches and 17 part time coaches, as well as a number of athletic development coaches, sport science and medical support staff, performance analysts and psychology staff.

Some are full time, some part time, some voluntary or on placements from universities.  All work closely together to support the development of the players.

We try to retain as many of the staff as we can year on year to allow us to develop them but inevitably some will move on; some unable to commit due to work or family circumstances and others who move on to other clubs or full time roles elsewhere.

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