Shut Up Shop

March 19, 2015

The building work that will impact on the BRSC shop on Two Mile Hill Road is about to begin.

From 5pm on Thursday 26th March to 9am on Tuesday 7th April the BRSC Shop will be shut.


The closure of the supporters club shop over the Easter holiday period permits more time for construction work.

This initial phase of work involves dividing the club shop on the ground floor from the planned flats above.

Work on the two flats is currently scheduled to take place at a later stage.

During this closure period match tickets, Away Travel and merchandise can still be purchased at Pirate Leisure.

On Friday 3rd April 2015, the supporters club cabin at The Mem. will be open for the Chester FC fixture.

Our apologies that the closure of the supporters club shop will impact upon members.

This early notice should allow you sufficient time to book travel and buy tickets for the remaining games.

Any amendments to the dates of this proposed closure will be notified on this website.


So please check the website before making a special journey to Kingswood in the weeks ahead.

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