What Is Sports Science?

March 31, 2015


What is sports science?  Whilst the term itself is often mentioned in modern football there is still uncertainty of what it is all about. Indeed, the general belief is that this is merely the modern equivalent of the role that in the past used to be carried out by the club doctor.

Such lack of clarity is hardly surprising given that it wasn’t that long ago that the job of physio went to some former player as a way of rewarding him from his service. Sports science, however, is much more than that.

“Sport Science is the application of scientific principles to exercise and sport.”   So says Chris Cone who covers this role within the Bristol Rovers academy.

“It is a rapidly expanding area in football.  Part of my role is to develop and enhance the sport science support offered to all academy players with the aim of improving individual and team performance.”

“My main objectives are to reduce injury occurrence, whilst improving physical preparation, athletic development and overall performance.”


”There is a difference between the work that a sports scientist carries out within an academy and that which is done at first team level.

At the academy we try provide an overview of total physical development,” Cone explains.

“We take into account the different growth rate and maturational status of all our players and focuses on developing certain physical qualities at different age periods in the academy too elicit different training adaptations.”

This is a selection from the fourth part in a series of articles looking at various roles within a football academy.  Previous instalments can be found here, here and here.

Thanks to Chris Cone, who can be reached on Twitter, for his help in the writing of this article along with everyone at the Bristol Rovers Academy.


Chris Cone ensures the Academy scholars keep on task.

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