Chester Protest

April 1, 2015


We have been informed that there will be a further low-level protest by supporters at the Chester FC match.

The aim of this low-key protest and other future protests is to send a clear message to Sainsbully’s.

Large corporations are hard to influence but one thing they do not enjoy is unfavourable media publicity.

They do not welcome reasonable questioning by the consumer of their ethical standards.

They do not take kindly to legitimate scrutiny of their community responsibility by stakeholders.

They do not like challenges to their claims of holding high moral values by ordinary members of the public.

They certainly do not look forward to tweets and Facebook postings which show them in a poor light.

Several hundred  supporters were given a PLAY FAIR shirt at Macclesfield.

Those fans were asked to bring their t-shirts along to the Good Friday match.

There will also be supporters handing out t-shirts in the car park area on Friday.

The t-shirts are an easy way for supporters to show their displeasure with Sainsbully’s actions/inactions.

Other protests are planned and more details will follow.



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