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April 2, 2015

Maintain the Effort


It is a well stated view that promotion from any league is settled over the Easter weekend. I have heard it said again over the past week.

I have no doubt that two games in three or four days will have a great bearing on the final outcome as time will be running out to play catch up after that but from where I am sitting at the moment, I think that automatic promotion to The Football League will go right to the wire this time around.

With our game at Macclesfield all over and with another point in the bag, the focus turned to Alfreton last Saturday. Barnet were winning and I was quite inundated with texts and calls suggesting to me that it was going to be very difficult for us from then on in.

Macclesfield Town v Bristol Rovers 280315

It seemed all over then deep into added time Barnet conceded a penalty. Alfreton stepped up and Barnet had not opened up a three point advantage after all.

Twists and turns is a well used term during football run ins and there will be more to come before the final whistles are blown in three weeks time. If results were so predicable I would have won the pools years ago and the bookies would not exist.

One thing that is predicable, but not taken for granted, is the outstanding support that Bristol Rovers have been given this season. I am sure that we will raise the roof at the Mem on Good Friday afternoon and then around two and a half thousand of us will be making our way up the M5 and from other parts to Kidderminster on Easter Monday to do the same all over again.


I know of a good number of our supporters who have not missed a league game home or away since August, which is tremendous. Jim Chappell is one of those. I cannot quite boast that because a little thing like a house move has got in the way but I am on track for 42 of them.

We do not know how it will end up. All we can do is maintain the effort on the field, on the terraces and in the stands and in the boxes. It is all about winning football matches and together we can do this. Thank you once again for your support and I cannot stress this enough; it is so very much appreciated.

Kind Regards


Ken Masters

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