Tickets 4 Vouchers

April 19, 2015

Vouchers purchased for the Vanarama Conference Premier Promotion Final.


Tickets are now being prepared to allocate to voucher holders.

These tickets will be made available to the sales point where the voucher was purchased.

They are likely to be exchanged between Thursday 7th and Monday 11th May 2015.

Full details will be made known by the sales point where you purchased the voucher.

Vouchers purchased by either of the COMPETITING FINALISTS will be allocated to the area of the stadium appointed for them by Wembley Stadium.

The exchange of your vouchers will be controlled by your respective Club, to ensure you are with other ticket holders from your club.

If you have any query then please email:- [email protected]

It is down to the voucher holder to redeem the voucher for an EVENT TICKET.

Please do not turn up at Wembley Stadium with a voucher. It will NOT allow you entry.

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