Baldwin & Burgess

June 5, 2015

An interesting story related to the ex-Bristol Rovers central defender, Pat Baldwin.

He talks about his change of career plans and talks of the similar path Ben Burgess has followed.

Pat Baldwin: Defender to balance teaching with Weymouth move.

Pat Baldwin

The 32-year-old was released by Exeter last month after missing most of the season with a serious knee injury.

Former Exeter City defender Pat Baldwin is to balance a teacher training course with a move to part-timers Weymouth.

“The way my body’s going, if I played for another three or four seasons I wouldn’t be able walk in 10 years,” Baldwin told BBC Sport.

“I’ve got no doubt I could’ve continued to play at a higher level but I have the rest of my life to think about.

“The main decision is for the future of my family.”

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Baldwin and Burgess – the parallels

* They were professional footballers

* They have retired from playing full-time due to knee problems

* They have studied to be teachers

* They are married to graphic designers

Ben Burgess: Ex-Blackpool and Hull striker on becoming a teacher. 

I’m only 30, I need to work for at least 30 more years. These are all harrowing thoughts that will enter a footballer’s head at some stage.

Breaking the news to my manager at the time, Ronnie Moore, that his big summer signing was retiring a few weeks before the season started was one of the hardest acts of all.

If I’m perfectly honest, I knew I should never have signed for Tranmere.

Ben Burgess

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