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June 9, 2015

Helpline Membership


Bristol Rovers Helpline has been supporting the football club since 1985.

It raises money solely for the benefit of Bristol Rovers.

Each year there are nearly 400 prize winners, including regular holiday winners.

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This means your chances of winning are excellent in any one season.

Members get priority for all ticket matches, and discounts on season tickets and shop purchases.

You can pay monthly. quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Any enquiries you can call Kate on 01454 321191 

Quarterly: £26
Half-yearly: £52
Annually: £104


If you think you have missed the chance of a discount on your Season Ticket then think again.

Helpline members get a discount on Season Tickets, merchandise from Pirate Leisure plus other benefits.

Now we are back in the Football League, priority tickets become more important.

Helpline members are in Priority Group One for purchasing tickets .

There is also the chance of winning a holiday in the half time draw.

To join online:-  CLICK HERE



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