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June 14, 2015

Bristol Rovers supporters might like to know a little more about the Football League financial picture.

This set of data applies to the season we used the trap door to travel around pastures new.



Annual Review of Football Finance – Some Football League Highlights.

The 2013/14 Football Season.

Revenue and profitability

  • Championship revenue increased by £54m, (12%) to a record of £491m.
  • This increase in Championship club revenue was driven by an increase of £57m in parachute payments.
  • This is due in part to the number of clubs receiving such payments rising from seven to eight.
  • For the 18 clubs in the Championship in both 2012/13 and 2013/14, revenue increased by £6m.
  • The Championship clubs’ operating losses were £222m.
  • Pre-tax losses in the Championship were £247m in 2013/14, an average per club of £10m.
  • League 1 revenue rose by £28m (24%) to £148m.
  • League 2 revenues declined by 9% to £78m.


Wages and transfers

  • Total Championship wage costs exceeded £500m for the first time.
  • The wage costs in the Championship rose by £56m to £518m in 2013/14.
  • Over the same period revenue rose 12%, from £437m to £491m.
  • The Championship wages to revenue ratio was at 105%.
  • Almost half the clubs in the Championship had wage costs greater than revenue.
  • League 1 wages increased by 14% to £124m.
  • The League 1 wages to revenue ratio decreased by seven percentage points to 84%.
  • League 2 wages decreased by 2% to £58m,
  • The League 2 wages to revenue ratio for the division rose by five percentage points to 74%.

(By Deloitte Sports Business Group June 2015.)

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