BRSC Elections

June 16, 2015

The next Bristol Rovers Supporters Club AGM is provisionally scheduled for early October.



The Formal Notice of the AGM will be given when the Supporters Club Newsletter is completed.

To find out more, you can read the Club Rules and Constitution:- HERE

Are you interested in becoming more actively involved in the Supporters Club?

Do you wish to stand for election to the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Executive Committee?

If so, please contact us:- HERE


Those up for election to the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Executive Committee this year are:-

BRSC Chair: Mr. J. Chappell.

BRSC Director: Mr. K. Masters.

Executive Committee Members: Mr. P. Draper, Mrs. S. Parsons, Mr. C. Walker, Mrs. H. Wigmore, and Mrs. J. Wooster.

BRSC Elections

5.2 Anyone wishing to stand for election must be a fully paid up member (and in the case of the post of Chairperson having served on the EC for a period of at least one year) and complete a Nomination Form (See Appendix E).

5.3 Elections shall be held at the following frequency:

BRSC Chairperson – every 2nd AGM

BRSC elected BRFC Director(s) – every 3rd AGM

BRSCSS Chairperson – every 2nd AGM

Treasurer – every 3rd AGM

Secretary – every 3rd AGM

Ordinary EC members – every 2nd AGM

5.4 The positions referred to in 5.3 will be elected by postal vote with all fully paid up members being entitled to vote.

5.5 All members of the EC whether elected by the membership to the EC, to a specific post or co-opted by the EC shall have equal voting rights unless specified in Section 6.

5.7 If the need arises, the EC may co-opt members to fill vacancies which occur during the year. Anyone co-opted in such a way will hold office until the next AGM where they will be required to seek election in accordance with the Rules in this Section.

5.8 No one member may hold more than one position on the EC with the exception of the BRSC elected BRFC Director(s), who in turn cannot be Chairperson.

5.9 Any person wishing to stand for election, including those persons wishing to stand for re-election, must be nominated and seconded by two current BRSC members. Any such nomination must be made to the Secretary by the end of the financial year in the prescribed format (See sections 7.1 and Appendix E).

5.10 Elections will only take place for those positions which are contested.

5.11 Where an election is required, the nominations together with election addresses will be sent to members with the notification of the AGM (See Rule 8.2).

5.12 Elections will take the form of a postal ballot in accordance with Appendix D.

Image result for responsibilities clipart

Appendix I – BRSC EC members’ responsibilities.

All BRSC EC Members will:

1). At all times promote and uphold the objectives of BRSC,

2). Attend all EC meetings (See Rule 4.5).

3). Aid and assist in the full range of activities undertaken by BRSC, to include:

On match days:

Assisting in the retail outlets, before & after matches,

Selling matchday programmes,

Selling 50/50 tickets,

Taking away travel bookings,

Taking Supporters Club Membership,

Other Duties include:

Assisting in the Kingswood club shop as requested,

Attending Committee meetings as and when required,

Keeping the BRSC website up to date,

Any other ad hoc tasks as may be agreed.

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