Feedback Welcome (2)

June 22, 2015

During this month each year the BRSC Executive Committee attempt to review our work and activities.


We have posted a number of requests for feedback:-

1. On the operation of the 50/50 Investing In Youth half time draw.  To read:- CLICK HERE

2. On the Supporters Club Away Travel Service. To read:- CLICK HERE

3. On the BRSC website itself. To read:- CLICK HERE

We appreciate all the feedback to date and are happy to hear from you about all BRSC issues.

We have had comments regarding:-

 →→ The suitability of more lower level prizes for the 50/50.

→ →→ A restructuring of the 50/50 prizes, involving the possibility of some Super Draws.

→ →→ The planned Away Travel pick-up points for the 2015/16 season.

→ →→ The issue of whether or not specific coaches or coach seats can/should be booked or reserved.

→ →→ The possible need for a further 50/50 seller around the West Stand/Enclosure area.

→ →→ The desirability/advantages of establishing a BRSC Supporters Trust.

→ →→ The procedural issues faced by multiple purchasing of Online Membership of the BRSC.

If you have used the online facility for BRSC membership we would welcome your opinion of it.

If you have any comments , criticism or compliments regarding the operation of the BRSC please contact us.

Feedback concepts

The easiest way is:- CONTACT US HERE.

Many thanks for this feedback to date.

We can only get things right for you if we know when it is going well and when we need to adapt our provision.

Finally, we recently sent out an electronic newsletter.

Last time we send out the e-newsletter the bounce rate was much higher than we would wish.

For more information about how to ensure you get the future BRSC e-newsletters:-  CLICK HERE



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