199 Update

June 29, 2015

(This brief document was recently sent out to members in our E-Newsletter.)


The Bristol Rovers Supporters Club shop at 199 Two Mile Hill Road is open for business and will generally remain open despite more refurbishment taking place. Over the next two months there will be further work to improve the premises as well as work undertaken on the accommodation above.

When the shop was sold to its current owner earlier this year we agreed to a staged development of the shop and our storage facilities. At the time of sale we were conscious that there was a real possibility that we would be involved in the end of season play-offs. In the circumstances we wanted to do the major structural changes as soon as possible and then finish the work required after the season end.

We agreed to do the necessary alterations to the main shop area around the Easter period because we would have shut the shop for a lengthy spell at this time in any case. Unexpected problems with the telecommunications and cabling system delayed our opening for a week longer than anticipated but the length of the eventual closure was still reasonable for a construction project of this complexity.

Leading up to the Easter period closure itself and during the shut down we regularly produced updates on the website and if any further disruption follows we will keep members fully informed throughout.

During the next few months some work on our storage areas and backroom set-up will occur but we do not expect this work to have much impact on members or our level of service. Fitting of signage, new flooring and extra shelving units will also happen so there may be some small and temporary effects. However we do not visualise any necessity to close the shop itself for any lengthy period of time.

We thank members for their patience and tolerance during the closure in April. Our hope and expectation is that the final outcome will be a more appropriately sized and sustainable shop providing good service for the members of Bristol Rovers Supporters Club in the future.

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