The Long Road Back

June 29, 2015



Keith Brookman has compiled a BRFC yearbook for the club’s one season in the Vanarama Conference.

The book, entitled The Long Road Back, will be available very soon at a cost of  just £7.99.

Although copies will be available beforehand, the official book launch will be on Sunday 26th July.

You could get your copy signed by the playing squad and management team at the Annual Fun Day.

Dover Athletic v Bristol Rovers 180415

Keith Brookman researching for the new publication

A complete record of a campaign that ended in a return to the Football league at the first attempt.

This publication is a permanent reminder of an eventful season in words and photos.

It might become a treasured possession that takes pride of place in a prime spot in your bookcase.

It may end up in your Horror section or you may possibly buy it to act as a warning to future generations.

Whatever your motivation in buying this book it is one Rovers publication that you might not want to go without.


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