Bees Knees

July 2, 2015

We were promoted along with Barnet from the Vanarama Conference League last season.


Our pre-season and playing squad is one of stability, gradual evolution and continuity.

Supporters might be interested to know things are progressing for the Bees.

Barnet have turned down a £250,000 offer for Stevens. To read more:-LOOK HERE

Picture: Matt Stevens' Twitter

Andy Yiadom has been the subject of two bids from Barnsley. To read more:-LOOK HERE

Barnet reporter Tom Bodell writes a detailed article about where Barnet need to strengthen :-HERE

Ross Eames has been added to the Barnet coaching staff as the Development Coach. To read more:- CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, Barnet have offered one year contracts to a further eight of their scholars.

To read more about these very successful 2014/15 Barnet youngsters:-CLICK HERE

Finally, the star defender of Barnet has turned down his latest contract offer.  To read more:-CLICK HERE



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