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July 17, 2015

Plenty to read and absorb.

You can read it all:- HERE

Final paragraph includes:- “Accordingly I find that Sainsbury’s must succeed because of the construction of Schedule 1 to the Agreement [2.11] which seems to me to be an insuperable barrier to the Club. If this is wrong (and I do not think it is), I find that the Club must succeed.”

Statement from the BRFC website:- CLICK HERE

Sainsbury’s happy today.

Sainsbury’s have issued a brief statement following this morning’s High Court judgement against Bristol Rovers.

“The High Court found in our favour today, agreeing that the conditional contract between Sainsbury’s and Bristol Rovers lawfully terminated in November 2014.

“The judge made no findings of Sainsbury’s acting in bad faith with the club.

“We understand that this is a sensitive issue locally and that there will also be disappointment as a result of the court’s decision today. We will continue to work with the local community via our existing Bristol stores which employ over 800 people, and are extremely popular with customers.”

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