Gaffer Talks

July 17, 2015

Darrell Clarke took questions for 90 minutes from the audience of around 100 fans.

Bristol Rovers v Grimsby Town 090814

He covered a range of questions.

The list below covers some of the topics raised.

  1. Thanked for promotion several times by audience members.
  2. Team for Saturday v. Arsenal XI briefly discussed.
  3. Talked about good level of fitness of BRFC players already.
  4. Talked about Arsenal match and his preparations for the match.
  5. Questions taken about Lyle D-V and Adam D. Talked about value for money.
  6. Wants an experienced wide player.
  7. Explained that Jennison M-W turned down contract terms offered.
  8. Talked about wanting the right type of wide player.
  9. Questioned about Billy Bodin. His situation will be assessed after Saturday.
  10. Leroy Lita joining in training for few days. Not a trialist. Just for fitness.


  1. Talked about need for more experienced players to balance those stepping up.
  2. Anticipated one permanent transfer and then dipping into loan market.
  3. Captain. Spoke well about Mark McC. Might consider a team captain and different club captain.
  4. Hopes Danny G and Jamie L push for first team place this season.
  5. Cristian Montano deserving a chance. He realises the situation he is in.
  6. Very pleased with the positive attitude and fitness of squad so far.
  7. Wants the players to push for top 7 place by the end of the season.
  8. Stuart Sinclair is looking fit. Winning all the runs as before.
  9. No official bids for any BRFC players.
  10. 6 hours after game use technology to find all he needs to know about future opposition.


  1. Likes 4-4-2. Especially at home.
  2. Need to be more flexible in formations away from home.
  3. Signed up to a scouting system and has a part time performance analyst.
  4. Penalty shoot out for play offs were partly practised beforehand.
  5. Head of Sports Therapist rather than simply a physio wanted. Gavin C. done well so far.
  6. Extra training pitch at The Lawns this season helps.
  7. Would like our own training facility which includes the Academy Under 18 side.
  8. Would like the Mem to be a fortress.
  9. UWE students helping Gavin out with massage, physio etc. at training ground.
  10. This UWE link re. physio and sports was widely welcomed.


  1. Questions about degree of control the manager feels he has.
  2. BRFC is seen as a fantastic club by DC. He would love to take club into top 10 of Div. 1.
  3. Talked about his longevity in his career and how he wants to be here.
  4. Wants players who are good role models and hard working.
  5. Talked about the famous pub moment. No disrespect was meant by it.
  6. Realistic that if BRFC lose the first 5 matches some people will want him out.
  7. Asked about managers he has learnt good things from. Mentioned DW. Or bad things.
  8. Talked about the qualities he feels are needed to be successful as a manager.
  9. In post match interviews he tries to be honest and realistic in appraisal.
  10. Biggest problem with pitch is that it dries too quickly. Likes wetter months.


  1. Great for us without the rugby playing on the pitch regularly.
  2. Altrincham low point. Telford win turning point. Winning mentality grew after.
  3. Big relief that we won promotion. Academy would have been at risk.
  4. No. 6 penalty taker at Wembley was probably Andy Monkhouse.
  5. Ellis Harrison history was covered. Young man still learning but needs love.
  6. Ellis still working to move the ball quicker. Will always score goals for us
  7. Nathan has qualities that are valuable for the team. A confidence player who needs the crowd behind him.
  8. Talked about John Akinde history with BRFC and Barnet success briefly.
  9. Players need to be mentally strong to play for BRFC at the Mem.
  10. Players and DC rate Matty Taylor. He needs to try to take more of his chances. Great all round game.


  1. Perhaps could have started Ellis a little earlier in the season.
  2. Never happy to draw games. Wants to win. Even away at games like Cobblers.
  3. Away from home it is statistically good to have clean sheet at half time.
  4. Too many away draws and too many individual errors last season.
  5. Believes his squad has the ability to hurt teams on the counter attack.
  6. Chris Lines brings composure and play making quality to our midfield.
  7. Praises experienced pros in dressing room such as Lee M, Andy M, (last season) and Steve M.
  8. Competitive training ethos. Some are a little too competitive.
  9. Tom Lockyer is versatile. A centre half. He needs to nail down a position. An excellent midfield stopper.
  10. Injuries to key personnel is one concern he has for 15/16.


  1. Questions about whether Jermaine Easter can do 30 + games.
  2. Kieran Preston going on youth loan to Redditch.
  3. Ian McLoughlin has groin injury and might come back later.
  4. Dan Leadbitter position and strengths discussed.
  5. Questions re. Premier level football raised.
  6. Looking to pick a team against Arsenal that means they do not keep the ball all match.
  7. On a 12 month rolling contract.
  8. Knows board will back him if we are challenging Christmas.
  9. Does not like to use all budget up too early.
  10. Talks about the £1500 player(s) and agents.


  1. Will use the loan market this season. Has plenty of contacts.
  2. Will be happy to loan younger players if the deal stacks up.
  3. Every Under 21 player on loan is a risk. Only a minority likely to will prove a success.
  4. Scouting is done by contacts and staff.  To set up full scouting structure is expensive for a club at our level.
  5. Does not get carried away by opposition players who have one good game against us. Braintree.
  6. Long term contracts can only go to certain type of player. 3 year deals can give comfort zone for players.
  7. Chris Lines deal is one year. If he does well further deal can be on the table.
  8. Manager should be most powerful person in club. Mentioned Alex F.
  9. Brief discussion of JJOT contract. A player that needs team built around him.
  10. Forums and social media are not good for mentally weak players.


  1. DC does not bother with forums now. Encourages players to be wary of forums.
  2. Style of play preferred is quick attacking football.
  3. Thinks fans will warm to Cristian Montano and James Clarke.
  4. Likes to sign some non league players but not gambles.
  5. Does not like idea of concentrating on the league. Disappointed with Bath City result.
  6. Used Dover result as a motivation for Alfreton and play offs.
  7. Felt many of the players under performed at Wembley. Over half.
  8. Josh Wakefield situation covered. Circumstances.
  9. Very impressed with CL set pieces and dead ball delivery.
  10. No need for any other strikers or central midfielders at moment


  1. Brief talk of tactics for Arsenal game. Arsenal scout in room?
  2. Respect for referees is something that football needs.
  3. Signing of Nathan Blissett. MS had been watching him. He can win us games in a different way to others.
  4. Peterborough model re. Non league signings was considered. Costly initially.
  5. Had a fair amount of letters from fans. Will try to respond in time.
  6. Will try to allow players to be accessible to fans where possible.
  7. Sets own targets. Does not need board to set him targets.
  8. Players got fined for photo with cup.
  9. Lots of non-league clubs keen to take Jamie Lucas on loan.





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