Oakham Festival

August 5, 2015

How has the money raised by the Supporters Club half time 50/50 draw been spent?

This report below highlights ONE of the THREE key areas for expenditure from last season’s fund-raising.

Bristol Rovers FC Academy players and staff are taking part in a development festival held at Oakham School in Rutland again this year.

This is a chance for players to train, play and live together. It gives the coaches a chance to reinforce playing philosophy and put on practices that help players achieve their own individual objectives during matches.

Oakham School

Oakham School in Rutland provide fantastic playing and training facilities and provide accommodation and food for the players during the stay.

As well as technical and tactical practice, players socialize together and the staff organise a number of team building activities designed to make a difference to the performances on the pitch.

Trips like these are a way of bringing the players together in the pre season so that the BRFC Academy can introduce concepts that they will be working on for the rest of the season.

The BRFC Academy mission is to produce technically proficient and tactically aware players who can perform firstly in the Bristol Rovers first team, but also beyond.

Players are encouraged to be brave on the ball, play out from the back and through midfield to produce scoring opportunities. All players have an attacking and a defensive role no matter what their position.

(More details about the Oakham Festival will be posted in the coming weeks.)

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