Online Membership

August 20, 2015

Some BRSC members have contacted us regarding Online Membership.


This facility was previously available through the BRFC website.

During July 2015, we agreed with BRFC that it should no longer be offered.

This withdrawal of the facility was because of complaints by members and the inadequacy of the system.

The system and procedures utilised by BRFC for tickets online were not fit for our purposes.

Under the BRFC online structure it has not been possible to complete more than ONE membership at a time.

The BRFC system also did not provide the BRSC with the essential range of data we require.

We require information such as email address, telephone number, date of birth, home address and other data.

The Online Ticket system set up for BRFC tickets does not guarantee the provision of this information.

We did request that the system be adapted for our purposes but this did not happen.

Since the middle of June we have been working with others to develop our Online facility.

We are not yet ready to go live with the system we have been developing.

Our intention is to initially offer the option to complete both Online Travel and Online Membership.

We hope to extend this to Online Merchandising at some future point.

In the meantime, it is possible to become a BRSC member by:-

1. Phoning 0117 9611 772. They can sign you up there and then.

2. Phoning 199 or Pirate Leisure for application forms to be forwarded.

3. Signing up on match days in the Bristol Room bar.

4. Signing up at the Supporters Club match day cabin on match days.

5. Call into 199 Two Mile Hill Road or Pirate Leisure to sign up.

We do not want to offer an Online facility until the system is fully operational and easy to use for members.

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