Get Well Gary

August 29, 2015

Gary Waddock was taken ill.


Gary Waddock, the ex-Rovers midfield player was then taken ill in his first match back alongside Martin Allen.

He became ill after Barnet went down 3-1 at the Memorial Stadium on Saturday 22nd August 2015.

He was taken ill on the way back from Bristol on Saturday and his return to the dug-out is now unclear.

Such was the severity of his condition, he was forced to miss the Barnet trip to Molineux on Tuesday.

Martin Allen said:“To let everybody know; he was taken ill on the team coach.

“We took him to a hospital in Reading and he was seriously ill – he couldn’t walk, talk, eat or drink.

“He was in a bad way and we were all very worried about his condition, and he spent three nights in hospital.

Gary Waddock has since been released from hospital but will not be joining Allen on the bench imminently.

Bristol Rovers supporters wish Gary, the master of the square ball, a speedy recovery.

Gary Waddock in his playing days for Bristol Rovers FC

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