Attractive Football

September 6, 2015

There is something unexpected going on at one of the country’s oldest football clubs.


(An article by Jim White in The Telegraph. The headline states that OUFC are England’s most attractive football team.)

Oxford United – once owned by Robert Maxwell, located in a three-sided carbuncle of a stadium – are playing some of the best football around.

Embarked on the longest unbeaten run in all four divisions, their flexible, fluid passing game will be showcased this lunchtime on live television when they travel to Bristol Rovers.

And the club manager is convinced viewers will be pleased. “You can’t guarantee a result,” Michael Appleton said. “We’re trying to guarantee a performance that’s enjoyable to watch.”

That Appleton is in charge is another eye-opening facet of the Oxford revolution.

After all, his is not the most stable of managerial CVs. He had walked out on Portsmouth to take charge of Blackpool.

He spent but two months on the coast before accepting a job at Blackburn where he was fired after just 67 days.

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