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September 25, 2015

This is the final set of Answers.

Magnifying Glass - Answers

These are the answers to Rounds 9 and 10 of the BRSC Quiz on Thursday 10th September 2015.

Round 9. Music

  1. What do the songs God save the Queen, Relax and My Ding a Ling have in common? All banned by the BBC
  2. The line “Listen to the ground, there is movement all around“ comes from which song? Night Fever
  3. In 1983 two songs whose titles had women’s names with the initials BJ reached no 1 in the UK. Billie Jean was one, what was the other? Baby Jane (Rod Stewart)
  4. Some enchanted evening comes from which musical? South Pacific
  5. What is the title of Beethoven’s only opera? Fidelio
  6. Between 1987 and mid 1990, at least one song written by which trio was in the UK top 40 every single week? Stock Aitken & Waterman
  7. Heard at many Rovers matches, this song was a number one for Guy Mitchell and Tommy Steele, and later versions also charted by Dave Edmunds, Daniel O Donnell and Cliff Richard. Name it Singing the Blues
  8. What was George Michael’s first solo hit called? Careless whisper
  9. Which Gilbert And Sullivan Opera is set in Japan? The Mikado
  10. Which current star of EastEnders represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1991?  Samantha Janus / Womack


Round 10. Utter Trivia

  1. What comprises 80% of the human body? Water
  2. When is one the correct answer by adding two to eleven? A 12-hour clock
  3. Which Bruce, voted the eighteenth best villain in American movie history, made the cover of Time magazine in 1975? Jaws – Bruce was the shark
  4. What is unusual about the crabeater seal? It doesn’t eat crabs
  5. With what would you rock the baby or walk the dog? A yo-yo
  6. Which Caribbean country is the only one to have an operating passenger railway system? Cuba (Puerto Rico has a metro in the capital, but is part of the USA)
  7. Where in Europe is there a hotel that has been rebuilt every year since 1990? Sweden or Lapland (it is made of ice)
  8. Approximately what percentage of the world‘s population is left-handed? c. 11%
  9. Through his writings and said to have a quote for every occasion, which theologian famously claimed that he could drive away the devil with a fart ? Martin Luther
  10. It’s estimated that at any one time around 0.7% of the world’s population is – what? Drunk 

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