October 7, 2015


I hope that all our members have received the message that the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club’s AGM, due to take place in the Bristol Room on Thursday 8th of October, has been postponed until Thursday 26th November 2015.

Once the decision to postpone had been made by the Executive Committee, I arranged for it to be announced over the public address system at half-time, during the Wycombe Wanderers JPT match on Tuesday 6th October.

It has been published on the BRSC website and Bristol Rovers FC and the Bristol Post have been informed so I sincerely hope that nobody was inconvenienced. My sincere apologies if that was the case.

I want to make it clear that the cancellation of the AGM was entirely a Supporters Club matter and had nothing to do with conjecture being aired as to the future of the Football Club and talk of a consortium purchasing the club.

I know that many members were anxious to question the BRFC Chairman Nick Higgs regarding this matter at the planned Open Forum Q & A session that was to follow the business agenda items of the AGM.

Cancelling the Annual General Meeting at such a late stage is embarrassing and frustrating. Unfortunately, our BRSC accounts were delayed in reaching our auditors for a variety of reasons, and they have advised us that they could not finalise them for up to two weeks. Bearing in mind that the Auditors’ Report has to be approved by the Bristol Rovers Executive Committee, before being presented to the membership, we had no alternative but to postpone.

We want to reschedule the meeting for the next available date.  Over recent years we have linked an Open Forum Question & Answer session  for members with the official AGM business. BRSC members welcome the chance to raise issues and personally question the Chairman, Senior Board members and the Team Manager.

Mr. Higgs last night re-affirmed his availability for the scheduled meeting on Thursday 8th October and any date next week. Unfortunately, our accounts may not be authorised within this time frame. The BRFC Chairman will then be unable to attend for some weeks. Consequently we have agreed the first date thereafter when everyone is currently available. Disappointingly, that is not until Thursday November 26th 2015.

I want to state that despite being a purely voluntary committee all the senior officers are or have been professionals in some line or other, (although not necessarily in the roles we perform for the club), and we take our positions and responsibilities seriously. However, external influences that I cannot enlarge on, as in this case, can impact on the operation of the BRSC and sometimes things can and do go wrong.

I would like to publicly thank Nick Higgs, Toni Watola, Darrell Clarke and Marcus Stewart for their forbearance in this matter and to apologise to all our members for the inconvenience and disappointment caused. I further wish to assure the membership that we will publish the club’s audited accounts at the earliest possible opportunity.

Jim Chappell

BRSC Chairman.

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