Thanks For Offers

October 11, 2015

The BRSC recently asked for help from any Bristol Rovers supporting D-I-Y aficionados.

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Many thanks to those who have contacted us with their offers to help. It is greatly appreciated.

Our replacement Match Day shop is arriving at The Memorial Stadium on Thursday 15th October.

It will be placed beside the main car park in a spot Bristol Rugby previously located their Match Day cabin.

Regular users of the current BRSC Match Day cabin at the Stadium know that it has seen better days.

The existing cabin is to be a BRSC administrative base but eventually will not be used for Match Day Sales.

If you ever feel you are able and willing to assist the Supporters Club please contact us.

We welcome all the help we can get and we only survive thanks to the generosity of spirit from BRFC supporters.

The easiest way to make contact is:- CLICK HERE

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