199 Changes

October 12, 2015

You will notice some ongoing changes to the BRSC shop on Two Mile Hill.

On Thursday 8th October 2015, the new electric shutters replaced the old and battered ones.

This work was by Jamie Bittner from Kingswood Doors Ltd and will be completed in the very near future.

Kingswood Doors

To find out more about shutter installation:-  CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, you will notice new window signage appearing at 199 Two Mile Hill Road.

Shortly afterwards, we plan to replace the main tired and old-fashioned shop sign.

We are very grateful to Rod and Harley Rich from Engravatec Sign Shop who have offered to do this for us.

You may have noticed their sign on the stairwell to the Dribuild Stand.

To find out about the Sign Shop and Engravatec:-  CLICK HERE

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