Test Yourself

November 26, 2015

These are the Questions from the first TWO rounds of the recent BRSC GK Quiz.


How many would you  get right?

The correct answers will be posted in 48 hours time together with TWO More rounds of questions.

Round 1. General Knowledge.

  1.  In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, what type of animal is Napoleon?
  2.  Across which river does the Hoover Dam span?
  3.  The term sable in heraldry refers to which colour?
  4.  Which actress was painted gold in the Bond movie “Goldfinger”??
  5.  Where is the longest pleasure pier in the World?
  6.  What animal name is given to an older woman who pursues younger man?
  7.  Against which disease did Edward Jenner develop a vaccine?
  8.  The River Rhine flows through Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands. It also forms the borders between these and three other countries. Name two of them?
  9.  In criminal slang what role does a “Peterman” specialise in?
  10. What colour is the star on the Moroccan flag?


Round 2. Family Fortunes.

3 points for the top answer, 2 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd & 4th.

  1.  Name a sweet found in a box of Celebrations?
  2.  Name a British coin no longer in circulation?
  3.  Past or present name any pop group that you can spread on toast
  4.  Name something a driver does with his hands when they should be on the wheel
  5.  Name something that is sold by the Bunch?
  6.  Give a shortened man’s name that only has 3 letters?
  7.  Name any play by William Shakespeare?
  8.  Name any item of 1970’s fashion?
  9.  Name something you can shoot without a firearm?
  10. Name something you would dread to see from an aeroplane window?
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