Rounds 3 & 4

November 30, 2015

These are the ANSWERS from Rounds 3 & 4 of the recent BRSC GK Quiz.


How many did you get right?

Round 3. Sport & Leisure

  1. Which football club play their home games at the John Smith‘s Stadium?
  2. On which race course is the St Leger run each year?
  3. Who is the current manager of Watford FC?
  4. In which event did Jonathan Edwards win Olympic gold?
  5. In the senior game of baseball what is the distance between each base in yards?
  6. In football, which country scored after only 8 seconds in an International against England in 1994?
  7. Which is the oldest racecourse still in use in the UK?
  8. Which current Premiership manager was the World’s first £2million player?
  9. What is the maximum score that can be achieved in a game of ten-pin bowling?
  10. Lee Brown‘s entire Football League career bar one match has been with the Gas. Who else did he make a league appearance for?


Round 3. ANSWERS.

  1. Huddersfield Town
  2. Doncaster
  3. Quique Sanchez Flores
  4. Triple Jump
  5. 30 yards
  6. San Marino
  7. Chester ( first race 1539 )
  8. Mark Hughes
  9. 300
  10. QPR (v Barnsley, 24 April 2010)


Round 4. Dance

  1. Strip the Willow, Petronella and The Dashing White Sergeant are types of what?
  2. Which dance style can feature swords, bells, sticks and handkerchiefs?
  3. Heaven, I‘m in heaven is the first line of which famous song about dancing?
  4. Which dance, originating in Tampa Florida in the late 1950s became the first world-wide dance craze?
  5. Who was the first winner of Strictly Come Dancing?
  6. Which form of dancing originated with tap dancers performing wearing ordinary shoes?
  7. Where did the tango originate?
  8. The Locomotion is a line dance & a 1962 hit record for Little Eva. Which came first, dance or song?
  9. This Sydney Pollack film starring Jane Fonda focuses on a disparate group of characters desperate to win a Depression-era dance marathon, name it
  10. Joseph Buckland and Olivia Smart are the current British Champions of which Olympic sport ?


Round 4. ANSWERS.

  1. Scottish (Country Dances)
  2. Morris Dancing
  3. Cheek to Cheek
  4. The Twist
  5. Natasha Kaplinsky
  6. Soft shoe shuffle
  7. (Along the River Plate – accept) Argentina or Uruguay
  8. Song
  9. They shoot horses don’t they
  10. Ice Dance


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