Clark Stands Up

December 3, 2015

Jeff Is Counted. 


Bristol Rovers supporter Jeff Clark from France is one of the 72 overseas supporters in with a chance of winning a trip to the UK to see their team play.

He has been shortlisted to win The Football League’s ‘Stand Up & Be Counted’ campaign.

The overall winner from the list of 72 overseas supporters will be announced on the “Football On 5” programme on Channel 5 on Saturday 5th December 2015.

If Jeff Clark wins he will be flown over and watch Bristol Rovers in action later this season.

The campaign asked overseas fans to register the team they support.

The results are then displayed on each club’s own map of the world:- CLICK HERE

A total of over 52,000 supporters registered with Australia, having the most  with a total of 8,667 fans.

The results show that Bristol Rovers as a club boast 789 registered overseas supporters.

There are 120 supporters in Australia and 106 from the USA.

In total there are registered supporters of Bristol Rovers from 105 different countries.

As a prize, Jeff Clark from France will be offered one month’s free access to the GasPlayer service.

This enables fans to listen to live match commentary of our games wherever they are in the world.

To see the full rankings supporters can visit



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