Call In On 28/12

December 26, 2015

The Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Match Day Shop is now open and operational.

Call in on Tuesday 28th December and buy some leisure wear, a team shirt or souvenirs.



Roger Sanders, Harley Rich, Jim Chappell, Tim Rose and Rod Rich outside the BRSC Match Day Shop at the York City fixture.


During November and December a number of Bristol Rovers supporters have done a magnificent job.



Rod Rich of Engravatec Sign Shop and Mike Armstrong from M. Wilcox, the Electrical Contractor, working inside the cabin.


This particular project is a real team effort and thanks go to many people.

The initial plans by the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club were to find a location for a new cabin.

The old BRSC cabin is no longer safe for public access and cannot be accessed by all supporters.

Ian Holtby and Toni Watola supported our wish to locate where previously Bristol Rugby had a shop.



The new BRSC Match Day Cabin is in the highly visible spot Bristol Rugby previously had their Match Day shop.


The cabin was secured after a lengthy procurement process and was a compromise on our ambitions.

It is compact and proved challenging to fit out to achieve a balance between public space and staff space.

In the early stages, Phil Draper and Janet Wooster worked hard to clear and level the site for installation.

Throughout the entire process, Andy Thomas proved to be a sound and able source of advice and assistance.



Andy Thomas has been a valuable guiding influence at all stages during the installation and fitting out of the new BRSC cabin.


The outside signage was designed and installed by Rod Rich and Harley Rich from Engravatec Sign Shop.

The inside shop fitting was project managed by a supporter, Tim Rose from Burnham On Sea.

Tim was assisted by two other supporters, Mike Gould from Henbury and Roger Sanders from Kingswood.

In the final stages, Tim Rose was also able to advise us about accessibility issues and the overall design.



Rod Rich of Engravatec Sign Shop fitting some superb images on the walls of the new BRSC Match Day cabin.


Inside the shop Rod and Harley have created and installed some very impressive images for supporters to enjoy.

Mike Armstrong and others from M. Wilcox did an excellent job for us in terms of the electrical installation.

We have already been asked by supporters for copies of some of the images within the wall display.



The images shown here, created and installed by Engravatec Sign Shop, are to be found on the inside walls of the BRSC Match Day Shop.


As well as selling a wide range of souvenirs you can find programmes, both current and older, available within.

This new BRSC Match Day Shop is currently also being used as the Operations Base on Match Days.



Some of the items you can purchase from Janet Wooster and Phil Draper in the BRSC Match Day Cabin can be seen here.


You are welcome to visit the shop before and after matches.

This new cabin is much more visible and should provide a better service to our members and all supporters.

We are hoping to increase sales so that we can then provide more financial support for our football club.

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