Can You Help?

January 4, 2016

Are you able and willing to help out Bristol Rovers Supporters Club on Match Days?


If you are able to help out at times that would be really useful.

Every Home match a team of supporters arrive early and work hard.

They sell the Pirate Programme and the 50/50 Half Time Draw tickets.

When all goes well there are enough volunteers to do it all properly.

But from time to time we do not have enough volunteers.

Personal commitments, illness and annual holidays mean we sometimes struggle to cover all the tasks required.

If you think you could help us out from time to time please let us know.

Being able to help out at short notice and for the bigger games is a real advantage.

We have more difficulty on evening matches and around holiday periods.

One way you can let us know is by popping into the BRSC Match Day cabin at the Stadium.

Another way is to speak to the programme and 50/50 sellers at a home match.

Or alternatively, you can contact us directly:- CLICK HERE



If you do arrive early and thrive in the wet and the cold this could be perfect for you.

Your reward for this dedication and commitment to our club is more hard work.

If you end up doing it well and enjoying it you might be asked to do even more.YES_I_CAN

This is the sort of offer you will find easy to refuse.

Or maybe not.

The match day organiser is Phil Draper.

You can find him in the Match Day Cabin.

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