What Next?

January 26, 2016

Bristol Rovers and JS are engaged in another three days of bonding exercises.




(Thanks to Richard Payne and the ITV NEWS team.)

They have provided some useful visual coverage.

To watch the full coverage :- CLICK HERE


June 2011: plans are revealed for a new £40 million stadium in Stoke Gifford.


July 2012: permission is granted to the club as long as a new supermarket is approved at the old Memorial Ground.


November 2013: Reports that Sainsbury's may be changing their plans.


May 2014: a judicial review clears the way for Sainsbury's to build a new store on the Memorial Ground site.


July 2015: Sainsbury's pull out of the deal after a High Court ruling. Bristol Rovers are still contesting that result.


What will the caption and visual illustration to depict March 2016 look like?

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