Highs And Lows

February 25, 2016

The Nick Higgs Era.

(An excellent review and evaluation from James McNamara of the Bristol Post.)

To read this thorough and insightful article in full :- Click Here

James McNamara looks at :-


1.  Returning the club to the Football League at the first attempt.

2. Supporting his managers in the transfer market throughout his eight years.

3. Appointing and retaining Darrell Clarke despite the early relegation.

4. Fulfilling his role as a custodian and leaving the club in the hands of owners able to take the club forward.


1. Rising Debts

2. Failing to achieve the completion of the new stadium project.

3. Parting company with Lennie Lawrence and Paul Trollope and the subsequent relegations.

4. Generally making poor decisions when appointing managers.

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