March 3, 2016

Bristol Rovers FC have announced that 2016/17 Season Ticket Prices will be frozen.


With one exception, Season Ticket Prices for the 2016/17 campaign are unchanged.

This will be the sixth consecutive season that Rovers have seen fit not to increase their pricing structure.

Chairman Steve Hamer said; “I believe that plans were in place for a small increase for next season but the new owners capped season ticket prices at the current levels apart from a small increase in the Family Saver Tickets.”

Steve added; “The Al-Qadi family were delighted with the magnificent warm welcome they received from all Rovers supporters last week. The tribute was genuine and heartfelt was greatly appreciated.”

“I hope that all supporters will appreciate the fact that there will be no price increase next season and will continue to show their amazing support for this very special, and unique, football club.”

The same three pricing structures as previous years will apply for 2016/17:-

(with the exception of the Family Saver Tickets).

The cut off dates will be midnight on the following dates :-

  1. 22nd April,
  2. 30th June, and
  3. 5th August.

The appropriate Season Ticket Application forms will be printed and despatched as soon as possible.

The club urge supporters to be patient and not apply until the forms are ready for completion.

Existing Season Ticket Holders will receive their forms in the post and new applicants have to apply for theirs.

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