Ken’s Comment

March 6, 2016

Saturday was a good day.

We turned out in our numbers to support our team on the road yet again.




After the not so good days at Portsmouth and Wycombe we could have been forgiven for not making the effort but we did.

Thank you for supporting Darrell and our players up at Nottingham; it is so very much appreciated.

Our support was in stark contrast to that shown by a number of the home fans and we could see that the situation at Notts is not quite together at this time.

We all have to dig deep at times and in our pockets too.

We stopped off at Tamworth services on the way up to the East Midlands and the feeling there was so good. You could sense it was going to be our day.

The number of families in blue, white and yellow was striking; we dug deep to support out team on Saturday and it was not cheap.

It was pleasing to reap the reward that we deserved. Dig deep Notts, your time will come again.

We all have our own ways of working and people at the sharp end in football have to take some stick whilst digging deep themselves.

We have been through it at Rovers as most clubs do at times.

Over the years and up to the present time supporters, chairmen and directors at Bristol Rovers have committed themselves and found the funds to keep us going when times were tough and difficult.

We are in the position we are today with our new owners and Board, because of our history and because of those that have gone before.

No matter how they have worked, they have done so in the very best interests of Bristol Rovers and because they have committed to our club.

We are in a good position as we look to the future. Evolution not revolution is sensible and wise.

There will be blips on the way as there always is in football but keeping and working together is a key that will unlock doors as much as the very necessary funds and investment.

All games are like cup finals as we enter the business end.  What we would have given a year ago to be where we are today.

Thank you for your support, your commitment and your passion. Together we can do this.



Ken Masters

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