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March 7, 2016

Is Heading A Football Dangerous?


A composite image of footballers heading the ball

Geoff Twentyman headed footballs countless times during his career, but now it concerns him.

Sport, passion, concussion, brain disease, family, – all merge in bittersweet memories of his sporting past.

Here he explores his worries in his own words.

During my football career I must have headed the ball tens of thousands of times.

As a lad I can remember practising heading over and over again, to perfect the art.

But according to some doctors and experts, this was a potentially dangerous thing to do.

Our family was football mad. I played professionally for more than a decade.

Geoff Twentyman of Bristol Rovers shakes hands with Arsenal's Charlie Nicholas

Geoff Twentyman made 320 appearances for Bristol Rovers between 1986 and 1993. He is seen here shaking hands with former Arsenal player Charlie Nicholas.

To find out more about the issue :- Click Here

Geoff Twentyman’s film for Inside Out West is on BBC One in the West region at 19:30pm.

It is then available on BBC iPlayer for 28 days.



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