Thanks From Dave

March 19, 2016

Following the recent Home fixture against Mansfield Town.

One of the volunteers who sells 50/50 tickets placed this post on a forum.



Post by scdave1 on Mar 12, 2016 at 7:42pm.

I sell programmes and 50/50 tickets but was £31 down when balancing my sales today.

I may have dropped the money selling at the Welly, Vic or on the terraces before the game.

If anyone found this money can you pass this on to the Supporters Club.

Many thanks.

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The following response was received and on behalf of the BRSC Executive Committee our genuine thanks.

Post by Jon the Stripe on Mar 14, 2016 at 3:29pm.


Hi Dave

Hugo and Parrot have brought this to my attention with the possibility of helping out.

The work you guys all do is bloody brilliant and to lose some money you have worked hard to collect must be soul destroying.

We at The Fans Forum Sponsor Club would like to not only replace the £31 but make it up to £50 as an act of good faith and unity.

Just PM Parrot with your Bank Details and it will be arranged.

Keep up your good work you are all unsung heroes at our Football Club.



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