Super Draw

March 27, 2016

There was a successful 50/50 Super Draw at the Luton Town match on Saturday 2nd January 2016.


Supporters have enquired whether or not there will be any future Super Draws.

There was a possibility that a further Super Draw would take place this season.

The BRSC Executive Committee had already identified the date and the fixture it would be held.

However, it all depended on the NON-CLAIMING of 50/50 prizes in the Winter months.

All prizes in the last four months have now been claimed.

Therefore, it now looks as though there will not be a second Super Draw this season.

That is the case unless the improbable occurs.

Firstly, there would need to be an unclaimed prize at the Crawley Town fixture on Saturday 2nd April 2016.

Secondly, Bristol Rovers would need to have a HOME play-off match AFTER Saturday 14th May 2016.

For a full explanation of this, please read the 50/50 RULES:- CLICK HERE


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